Essence Process UK

Essence Process UK

The Essence Process was founded in 2003 in Britain by Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, Psychologist and HayHouse author Dr Menis Yousry. He delivers his therapeutic courses in relationships and inspired living around the world. Learn more about Dr Menis Yousry here

Our first interactions and early connections with the people closest to us have shaped our brains for life and formed an internal relational unconscious. Dr Yousry’s therapeutic process attunes the internal working models that operate within our relationships and all emotional and social connections to restore safety in order to establish a stable sense of self and the ability to manage successful relationships.

Essence is currently presented in many locations around the world; you can travel to other countries to participate in Essence courses. Please contact the international coordinator below if you wish to participate, she will guide you to the best option and availability in other countries. The UK activity during 2019 will be limited to private consultations with Dr Yousry, and for any appointment, please contact Elena Hangan on the same number below


Elena Yousry
International Essence CEO
phone: +40741132342