Dr Yousry’s Psychotherapeutic Process

Healing the deepest aspects of the human unconsciousness

Dr Yousry’s Psychotherapeutic Process

Healing the deepest aspects of the human unconsciousness

“We, human beings are three in one:

1-Who we are;

2-What we made people think who we are,

3-Who we convinced ourselves we are.”

“If we let go of all these, we may know who we truly are!
This can never be taught!!! ”

Dr Menis Yousry

Dr Yousry has been working as a therapist and facilitator for over 35 years all over the world. He uses unique cutting edge approach.
He engages with participants in a unique way, creating a strong connection with them that goes beyond verbal interpretation and into the deep unconscious emotional areas of the mind to uncover and release deep unresolved memories that influence all actions and behaviours.

Dr Yousry is a family therapist and educator, an accomplished international speaker, filmmaker, artist, author, actor and facilitator.
He obtained:
BSc Psychology degree in Art;
BSc Psychology degree in Psychology;
Diploma in the Theory of Family and Couple Therapy;
MSc degree in Family Psychotherapy ;
Advanced degree in Supervision in Family Therapy;
Doctorate degree in Family Psychotherapy;
Facilitated over 2000 events in more than 45 locations worldwide.

More than 3 million people have been exposed to his work through his international public lectures, books, experiential courses, interviews, articles and personal and group therapy.

He worked as a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, Psychologist and a Senior Family Therapist supervisor in the National Health Service in the UK for 15 years.

He trained and supervised therapists and gave talks and lectures in Family Therapy in all clinical and educational sittings.
He founded the first specialised Family Service in the UK’s National Health Service.

Dr Yousry interacts with people in an extraordinarily, powerful, interpersonal group context that supports them to transform through deep emotional interactions with each other’s. His experiential approach enables people to regulate and manage their emotions in order to be more effective and successful in their day-to-day lives.

Dr Yousry’s Psychotherapeutic Process stretches the unconscious mind beyond imagination to a new awareness, leaving participants with the ability to find peace and harmony from the inside out. It is a simple and self-revealing approach, conducted in a gentle, respectful and insightful way to support people to change their perception of the world and of life itself.



Dr Menis Yousry is one of the few really effective therapists I have worked in the last 30 years. His success comes from three sources, his manner of being with people, his academic credentials and his understanding of the human condition.
Sam Westmacott,
Chartered Psychologist

Dr Yousry’s patience and compassion creates a loving and safe space for everyone in the group to share, grow and transform.
Muriel Guennou

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