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Leadership from the right side of the brain

Essence in Business

Leadership from the right side of the brain

We are entering a new world that continues to become more complex, faster, global and interdependent. The digital age we are living in has big implications for business, communication and leadership. Conventional leadership has simply not kept pace with such rapid change. The Essence Process Business Course introduces a new set of leadership skills to meet these challenges and takes the current concept of leadership to a new landscape of possibilities.
The latest discoveries in brain studies have turned our understanding of leadership on its head because of what we now know about the specialisation of the two sides of the brain: the cognitive specialised left brain, and the emotional specialised right brain. There is important new information we can use to train leaders to lead by connecting with their teams. This connection significantly increases creativity and innovation, encourages the development of leadership skills in others and creates a future fit for generations to come.

Now we have evidence that the right brain is the core of the self-organisation of the human brain as it develops in the context of relationships. The right side of the brain is dominant in the area of emotional communication. It also specialises in self-awareness and the regulation of our emotions in order for us to cope actively or passively with stress within our social environment.

The Essence Process approach facilitates the development of deep emotional skills and interaction with others to manage and communicate in the social environment as well as the ability to create a sense of safety and emotional connection, all qualities of the right brain.

The course will develop the leader’s ability to manage his/her own emotions primarily, in order to be able to contain a team’s negative state when facing stressful situations or in moments of critical decision-making. Participants are supported to build a safe secure base from within in order to handle any situation at work and be able to provide this for others.

The Essence Process Business course introduces a ground-breaking set of insights in a very experiential setting to reveal to participants how effective leaders must make a shift from left brain communication to right brain communication, and focus much less on learning how to lead using cognitive methods. More emphasis is necessary on right brain qualities as they are critical for human connection and interaction, such as trust and empathy.

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If you want to take a deeper look in yourself and face your concerns, then you must go for this course
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Go for it because it will change your mind, you will recognize yourself in different light
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It’ s nothing to do with what you know and will let you find things deep inside you that is limiting you
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