About Essence Process

A meeting of minds: a healing journey to the core of the inner human experience

About Essence Process

A meeting of minds: a healing journey to the core of the inner human experience

An extraordinarily powerful interpersonal, cutting edge experiential process that stretches the mind beyond imagination to a new awareness, improving relationships and enabling a fulfilled, natural, happy life

The Essence Process is presented through 4 experiential courses

The Essence Process…

Uncovers the hidden unconscious memories that formed early in life when we experienced stress and formed adaptive emotional responses to survive.
Reveals how our brains constructed our present experience of the world based on past memories that are blocking our effectiveness.
Helps us re-examine our internal state of mind and understand how it influences our current experiences in our relationships.
Develops the ability to reconstruct and manage the past and stop it from repeating itself over and over again.
Offers practical tools enabling participants to be more effective and improve their quality of life.

The Essence journey…

A journey back in time to find out what we have learned as children and see the impact it had on us from birth.

A journey to see how our brain has been shaped by our interactions with the most important people in our lives.

A journey to meet what’s standing in our way from creating what we want.

A journey through all the areas, struggles and behaviours that block our success.

A journey of transformation in the interactions in all our relationships.

A journey conducted in a gentle and insightful way to support people to change their perceptions of the world.

Beliefs are stronger than reality
The Essence Process Foundation experience allows our unconscious beliefs to emerge into consciousness, uncovering the layers of our unconscious human survival responses protections, bringing us awareness and new choices. This makes it possible to heal difficult and unresolved experiences from the past.

Awareness + compassion = new choices
The advance experience is a three level process
1- uncovering circles of the unconscious internal survival adaptive response that manifest as a protection
2- creating a tool to manage to re-shape the internal state of mind
3- creating a new action to heal the past and understand the old experience and see a new experience of the world you want be in

A fulfilled life is living your purpose
The Essence Process Leadership experience opens the door so we can lead our lives and live our dreams with new possibilities that seemed impossible before
The Leadership process supports us to discover our purpose and take a big leap and a risk to cut through the barriers we can see and touch our dreams.

Men and women love in different ways
The Essence Process Relationships experience reveals all our limiting emotional blocks to allow healthy ways of relating to our partners to emerge, creating new possibilities and giving us the best chance of experiencing natural, healthy, safe relationships, learn how to mange the difference in communications and thought processes between men and women.